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Momotato Daioh


Pay no attention to this update

These were my top of the pops. I'll probably only have Aria on my shelf in the long run, though. I have to say this was a really dull anime year for me. Nico streaming had been spoiling me terribly, and when the well dried up this past Spring... fun time was over. The high level of anticipation for that next episode was gone; it was back to business as usual. Thankfully Nico still lets a few shows here and there pass through so it's not a total loss. And exclusive shows like Sunred are definitely a step in the right direction.

Speaking of exclusive content... So far I've spent $84 watching Xam'd on PSN. Is the show worth it? Probably not. But you add hi-def exclusivity to that and yeah, I think it's worth it. For the time being, anyway. (Nakiami and Fusa are hot)

What else can I remember...:

And now what really matters!

Favorites of 2008

Almost Favorites of 2008

Disappointments of 2008


Another Year, Another Update!

I couldn't pick a "winner" this time; every show was so good. Dennou and Gurren were both technically excellent, but Dennou had some pacing issues in its second half, and Gurren traversed slowly across that ho-hum line from episode 16 on (though never actually crossing it). Ookiku and Potemayo were flawless viewing experiences, but I find it hard to give them the nod over two technically superior but not quite as fun series. It all balances out, I guess.

This is the first year I'm actually buying R2 DVDs of every top show. A good year indeed.

Other notes and highlights from 2007:

Anyone know what the deal is with that building that was semi-prominent in Sketchbook? The one on the left there. It's an actual building SOMEwhere in the world, because I found a picture of it on an imageboard a couple years back. I saved it because I thought it looked pretty cool; obviously someone in the Sketchbook staff thought so too.

UPDATE: It's the last remaining coal mine tower in Japan, located in Shime, Fukuoka. Used from 1889 to 1964. I got an email pointing me to a book for sale that was about modern Japanese building ruins and this tower was in the sample pics. I thought, "oh yeah, haikyo!" which is the word Japan uses for these types of ruins. It was only a google search away at that point, since the building is quite well known. I actually love this haikyo stuff so I'm kind of ashamed I didn't find it before! But anyway, thanks for the email Red Maigo!

Moving on...

Two of my very favorite bands both released an album in 2007: B'z with ACTION and Spitz with Sazanami CD. Sorry B'z, this was a clear cut case of quality over quantity. Out of ACTION's whopping 17 songs, I like three, which is the fewest number ever for me! Sazanami on the other hand has become one of my favorite Spitz albums.

B'z has been stuck in a routine since ELEVEN. They make a couple stand-out songs that define the "direction" of the album, then pad the rest with songs from the vault. The vault being their stash of songs they're constantly creating throughout the years. They yank a song out of there, touch it up a bit with the current sound, then add it to the album. What you get is a song that makes you say, "this sounds like old B'z," because it probably is!

Just a theory, of course. I hope they break out of it at some point, but they obviously don't need to judging from sales. Oh well.

And finally, the games...

Favorites of 2007

Disappointments of 2007


Happy New Year

Simoun wins this year. Simoun wins, period. (<- This guy is not a fan of Simoun. But don't tell anyone, it's a secret!)

Those are my top four, but the following trail closely behind:

Favorite female seiyuu of 2006 that aren't already in my all-time favorites:

Anime stats, for my imaginary record:

As it pertains to my main hobby...

Favorites of 2006

Disappointments of 2006


Uh Oh, An Update

Mid-year anime rankings to keep myself in check:

Winter best: Noein & Binchotan

Current best: BLACK LAGOON
Current close to best: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
Current standby best: ARIA The NATURAL (26 episodes!)
Also actively watching: Jyuohsei, Utawarerumono, Magipoka, xxxHOLiC, Yoshinagasan'chi no Gargoyle, Ergo Proxy, and some show with this awesome green haired happy chick that laughs a lot but doesn't show up enough to justify remembering the name of the show.


Happy New Year



Noein 12 was fantastic. 以上!


Paniponi Downtime

I just got around to watching episode 24 of Paniponi Dash, and I really liked it. So I figured I'd update this page saying... I really liked it. I've probably laughed out loud four times at the most in all 23 previous episodes combined (a big grin sufficed for everything else), but episode 24 had me going good.

What I'm enjoying right now, from best to not so best: Noein, Gun x Sword, Ginban Kaleidoscope, Nanoha A's, Keroro Gunso, ARIA, My Mashiro, Paniponi Dash, Karin and Jigoku Shoujo (though I only watch the last two out of pure boredom).

What I might be enjoying next season: New Kinnikuman, Yomigaeru Sora, Kashimashi, REC, Binchotan, and ERGO PROXY. Zero interest in Type-Moon crap from me, but I hope it'll please the fans.


Downtime Redux

The video games, they are overwhelming.

All the old stuff's in archives, obviously.

They used Spica in the final broadcast episode of H&C. I'm not a fan of Spica, even though it's a good song. I've never understood its extremely high popularity with the fans over there. Must be a live thing. Personally I was hoping for Majo Tabi ni Deru or Fake Fur. Or Robinson.

Maybe in the DVD eps!