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Momotato Daioh


Yotsubato! is Azuma Kiyohiko's (of Azumanga Daioh fame) new manga series. The title translates to "Yotsuba And!" It's currently serialized every month in the comic magazine Dengeki Daioh, and made it's debut in the March 2003 issue. Unlike most of Azumanga Daioh which used a four panel strip format, Yotsubato! is laid out in episodic format like typical manga. The story revolves around the wacky adventures of a five year old girl named Yotsuba who's just moved into a new town with her father. The overall theme of the manga is "Enjoy Everything."


Books Released in Japan

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MapoRed.COM - This site has scans/trans of Try! Try! Try!, a one-shot comic featuring Yotsuba that was released in 2001. It's neat to see how the designs for Fuuka, Ena, and Asagi have changed since then.